recently I was very busy in the work about the IAP(in app purchase).
After this, it comes to me that should write some summery of the hard work.Actually, the hardest part is searching the doc of google and apple IAP. You can not get the things you want from the obscure document directly. then i will do my best to make it easy for a beginner in the IAP to develop.
in the first, you should have a admin account of apple and google admin site. According to the type of product you want selling to the customer , create product or subsribtion in the config. after creating the prodcuts, in the app ,you should call the sdk of apple / google. Then I will introduce some question not listed in the doc.
Testing for the google, you can register a google account yourself, the in the play admin , set the prize tester list, set the beta test list, the save.
After logining into the play store, you cannot use the google play pay.
In most of case , it should be the mistake of cache.
There are many cache in the google, like products, secrets and discount, you can get many strange error following the doc of google before the cache is flushed.
you can do nothing but wait. There maybe are many different error when you are testing the google IAP using the test accont , in most of cases, you'd better bind one visa card and change the country of account to US, and wating for one or two days, everythings goes OK.